Dyspraxia Awareness Week

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Dyspraxia Awareness Week is running from October 10th till October 16th 2016.
The aim is to raise Awareness for this disorder in our community.
To reach as many people as possible we are sharing messages
How can you help ?
* You can change your profile picture on Facebook to our awareness ribbon
* Like our page on Facebook
* Like our message on Facebook
* Share our message on Facebook
* Share our message via email or other forms to non Facebook users
OR alternatively scream it from the mountain top!
* Donate money to our Awareness Appeal
* And enjoy and share the fun of “Get on your Bike” Appeal and “Funky Friday Fotos”! More exciting information to come.

the awareness ribbon can be downloaded below awarenesssave it on your device then change your profile picture

click the buttons below to share via your preferred method

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