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Awareness Week

The last 2 years has been one incredible journey for us as a family.

In 2014 our son was diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder also known as Dyspraxia. As we journeyed through Kai’s diagnosis and looked to professionals to help us and the groups to support us and we realised that there was very little understanding of what this disorder was, let alone support and awareness for us in Australia.

Roughly 6 months later I had this bright idea and shared it with my husband that maybe we should start an organisation and to cut a long story short here we are today with Dyspraxia Kids Australia Inc.

This week in Australia is Dyspraxia Awareness Week, where we saturate your Newsfeeds on Facebook, post information on our website and get involved in some exciting awareness campaigns.

This is only the beginning for Dyspraxia Kids Australia Inc. We have just had our first anniversary and the best yet to come. As this week starts I would love to ask you to help us. We are a non for profit incorporation and we have so many projects that we want to start and come to fruition. We are Melbourne based and at Dyspraxia Kids Australia we get messages weekly asking for help from Interstate to help at schools and run workshops, we are desperate to help BUT to do this we need cash. Each project takes money and time BUT it is the money that stops us. This Awareness Week let us come to you with PROJECT AUSTRALIA and let’s start this campaign to get the finance to help us to get to you.

For donations Click here for bank details


In the bank details line please leave your families surname/business name or send us an email at info@dyspraxiakidsaustralia.org.au with your details of your deposit. We want to thank you as you will all part of the journey we will be thanking you on our website, amounts won’t be listed.


Thank you and Kind Regards,


Samantha Elbers


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