Bench Warmers

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Dyspraxia Kids Australia Inc.  is proud to announce that they will be trialing a sports initiative started by Joe Bock

Joseph Bock, a retired Teledyne engineer who worked on the Surveyor Moon Landing project, has taken up a new calling during his golden years. Bock is a volunteer coach of Benchwarmers Basketball at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center in Los Angeles. His goal is to help less athletic kids have an opportunity to enjoy basketball, improve their skills, and appreciate the sport, a chance Joe missed out on as a child.

Please check out the video on youtube at the following link below

watch video here Bench Warmers Video


any one that is inspired by the video and wants to become a Bench Warmers coach in Australia

please  contact Brian Elbers  and put Bench Warmers in the subject line

if you are in the US and would like more information please contact Joe bock via email 

for more information visit the Bench Warmers Facebook page

if you are anywhere else in the world and would like to take this program onboard contact either Joe Bock or Brian Elbers

both of us would love to talk to you to help you start your own group


If you have a child with Dyspraxia and live in the Melbourne Northern suburbs and would like to trial this

contact Brian Elbers and put trial Bench Warmers in the subject line



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