Book review

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This book is by Maureen Boon and is subject to copyright

This book consists of 10 chapters, covering subjects including:

What is Dyspraxia, What causes Dyspraxia, What are Children with Dyspraxia like

How are Children with Dyspraxia Identified, How are children with Dyspraxia assessed

Interventions in School, How can parents help their Child

Therapy intervention and Leaving High School


As a parent I took away the following from the book:

In my eyes, the book describes Dyspraxia in depth

it covers different aspects of assessment.

In particular, i liked a section where it refers to circle of friends,

where trained staff are to monitor progress/status

The book also covers the importance of communication between parents

and School staff its a very important aspect of success

In chapter 8 there is a section on strategies and tips

Chapter 9 goes into therapy which is very important in order to assist our Children

In conclusion, this book has lots of helpful information and can be purchased online

at various websites



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