Bench Warmers

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Dyspraxia Kids Australia Inc.  is proud to announce that they will be trialing a sports initiative started by Joe Bock Joseph Bock, a retired Teledyne engineer who worked on the Surveyor Moon Landing project, has taken up a new calling … Continued

Dyspraxia – the facts

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Dyspraxia – the facts Dyspraxia is a motor skill disorder that results in a child with clumsy, awkward movement skills but it is more than just clumsiness or being bad at sport. download the full factsheet here  

A word from the Director

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Awareness Week The last 2 years has been one incredible journey for us as a family. In 2014 our son was diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder also known as Dyspraxia. As we journeyed through Kai’s diagnosis and looked to professionals … Continued

Dyspraxia Awareness Week

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Dyspraxia Awareness Week is running from October 10th till October 16th 2016. The aim is to raise Awareness for this disorder in our community. To reach as many people as possible we are sharing messages How can you help ? … Continued

Dyspraxia (DCD) Awareness

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Dyspraxia awareness week is coming soon Monday October the 10th till Sunday October 16th How can you help ? Like our post and share with family and friends We will post a minimum of two messages each day #dyspraxia #DCD … Continued