As we all know, awareness and support of Dyspraxia/DCD across the medical, education and government sectors within Australia is limited. This needs to change and to do this, we need your help.


We are delighted to be launching a national survey to collect the vital evidence needed to demonstrate the impact of persistent movement-related difficulties. The survey covers several key areas, including diagnosis; activity and participation; schooling; therapy and intervention; social, emotional and financial impacts; along with what you would like to see change.


If you have a child or children aged 5-18 years with Dyspraxia/DCD, we would love you to participate in the survey.


Together we can do this! It is time for our voices to be heard. It is time for change.

survey link: ImpactforDCD


Dyspraxia Kids Australia Inc. is committed to be involved with DCD (Dyspraxia) Research

Please read the terms and conditions before filling out the research application form , find a link of the form at the bottom of this page


The Dyspraxia / DCD Research Register welcomes the registrations of children and adults diagnosed with Dyspraxia / DCD, and their families, who are interested in potential participation in future research projects.

Registering your interest in research will allow us to send you information about future research in which you may like to participate. All information will remain strictly confidential. After registering, your information will be stored on a secure database at Victoria University. It will not be passed on to third parties, nor will it be used in any research.

Details of relevant research projects, approved by an Australian Human Research Ethics Committee, will be forwarded to potentially eligible individuals or families, for consideration to participate.

Please note: Expressing your interest does not commit you to taking part in any research project now or in the future. You may ask to be removed from the database at any time without question.

* Before registering, you should read the ‘Conditions of Expression of Interest’ listed below.

Any questions you have about the Register should be directed to: Dr Jacqueline Williams Victoria University 03 9919 4025

Conditions of Expression of Interest

1. You must be the parent / legal guardian of the child whom you are registering or you must be over 18 years of age to register yourself.

2. Registering your interest does not commit you to taking part in any research project now or in the future.

3. You may ask to be removed from the database at any time without question. You may also ask to be removed temporarily if your circumstances mean that you would not like to receive information in the short-term. You can do this by contacting Dr Jacqueline Williams on 03 9919 4025 or

4. The information you provide when registering will not be used in for any research purposes.

5. The information you provide will be stored on a secured database. It will only be used to a) identify potentially eligible participants for research projects and b) forward research project information to those potentially eligible.

6. All information you provide when registering will be kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose than that described in point 5. It will not be on sold to third parties or used for marketing purposes.

7. You are not required to provide information regarding date of birth or gender, however, doing so will enable us to exclude you from receiving information about studies that you are not eligible to participate in.



DCD research registration link

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