Dyspraxia Kids Australia Inc is a non for profit organization that is currently run by volunteers only  
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This is a example of our Bronze sponsorship package



our bronze packages provides you with a small logo

upto 8 logos one each line for Bronze

this includes a hyper link to the sponsors webpage

clicking on a logo will open a new tab in the user browser


This is a sample of our Silver sponsorship package
Dyspraxia Kids Australia Inc. the only DCD Foundation in Australia

you can promote your business here customise your text to attract people to visit your page

in Silver you are entitled to one headline and 4 paragraph lines in the format that you can see here

if you have specific requirements contact us to discus further

this package will include a hyper link either via clicking on the logo or a button


Gold the ultimate sponsorship package

this package will allow the sponsor to use a full with logo or photo , they can use the image slider to rotate between the logo and photos up to  4 photos and or logo on the side of the slider and slide up to four photos

this package will allow both logo web hyperlink as well as a click here to visit link either before the slider or underneath the slider

space for a logo


this is where you can customise text to attract visitors to visit your website

the logo space, image slider and, text space can be customised