Book review

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This book is by Maureen Boon and is subject to copyright This book consists of 10 chapters, covering subjects including: What is Dyspraxia, What causes Dyspraxia, What are Children with Dyspraxia like How are Children with Dyspraxia Identified, How are children … Continued

Have you registered for a latest Survey ?

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University of Melbourne Community Engagement Program We are students from the University of Melbourne conducting a Health Needs Analysis (HNA) in hope of identifying the health needs for Dyspraxia Kids Australia (DKA) so that DKA may better meet your child … Continued

Bench Warmers

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Dyspraxia Kids Australia Inc.  is proud to announce that they will be trialing a sports initiative started by Joe Bock Joseph Bock, a retired Teledyne engineer who worked on the Surveyor Moon Landing project, has taken up a new calling … Continued


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  Laughter is contagious and healthy imagination is endless Dream big and believe in your self believe in your child have fun along the way live your dreams #Dyspraxiakidsaustralia

Dyspraxia – the facts

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Dyspraxia – the facts Dyspraxia is a motor skill disorder that results in a child with clumsy, awkward movement skills but it is more than just clumsiness or being bad at sport. download the full factsheet here  

A word from the Director

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Awareness Week The last 2 years has been one incredible journey for us as a family. In 2014 our son was diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder also known as Dyspraxia. As we journeyed through Kai’s diagnosis and looked to professionals … Continued