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The resource sheets provided here have been developed in collaboration with experts in medical and allied health professions, research, and education. They are free to download and distribute.


The first information sheet below is a resource for parents that explains what DCD is, the process of obtaining a diagnosis, evidence-based therapies available in Australia, how to support your children at school, along with supporting your child’s physical and emotional development. The second information sheet explains the signs of poor mental health in individuals impacted by DCD and recommends ways in which you can seek support for yourself or your loved one.


The following information sheets are resources for teachers to utilise in the school setting. There is a general information sheet that explains what DCD is, difficulties experienced in the classroom and playground, how to support these difficulties, and recommendations for teachers should they be concerned about a child’s movement. In addition to the general information sheet, we have worked with allied health professionals and teachers to develop some targeted resources on 1. handwriting, 2. classroom set-up, and 3. physical education.

You will also find some downloadable documents detailing ways to support those with DCD with handwriting and general classroom accommodations and to navigate high school (including accommodations for specialist subjects).

The below resources have been created as a part of Awareness Week campaigns and may be useful for teachers. These downloadable documents detail ways to support those with DCD with handwriting and general classroom accommodations and to navigate high school (including accommodations for specialist subjects) and university.

Medical & Allied Health

The following information sheet is for medical and allied health professionals diagnosing and providing therapy to people with DCD. This information sheet explains what DCD is, the internationally recommended and accepted diagnostic criteria and process for diagnosing DCD, evidenced-based interventions, along with the secondary impacts of the condition.

Our Advocacy Work

DCD Australia works with the DCD community to advocate for better outcomes for those impacted by DCD. Resources relating to this advocacy are available for viewing and download here by clicking on the image below. Please note that these documents often provide personal statements from those in the DCD community. These statements may be upsetting and difficult to read.

Awareness Week Resources

All of the resources from Awareness Weeks are available in PDF form by clicking on the images below. You are welcome to use these resources for advocacy and training, but we request that the DCD Australia logo is retained on all documents and that DCD Australia are acknowledged as the source.

You can also access the recording of our 2023 Webinar on Education by clicking on the image below.